Our Maintenance Schedule
The level of maintenance you will do will be dependent on
the size of your pond, fish/plants in your pond, time and
budget.  I can help you design a maintenance program that
will take into account each of these elements.

The following is the monthly maintenance we perform on our
pond to keep the water clear and the fish healthy.  This
regiment is a result of working with several experts and
learning first hand with my pond.

  1. Check dissolved oxygen levels.  Using an ORP meter,
    looking for a reading above 250 mV.  If less than 250
    for two days, perform 25% water change, clean
    skimmers, back flush filters, increase water flow,
    increase aeration.  If levels have not increased with
    two-three days, you may want to use Ponds Plus
    Water Clarifier to sanitize the pond of free floating
    organics and Mulm.  Water Clarifier is Potassium
    Permanganate and should be used with caution.  
    Please click here for instructions on its usage.
  2. Check Ammonia - want to be 0 PPM.  Lamotte Test
    Kit.  If more than 1 PPM for one day, perform 25%
    water change, ensure skimmers are clean, back flush
    filters, stop feeding fish, remove all dead plant debris
    and add additional EZ-2.
  3. PH - maintain below 8.4.  Check with Hanna PH Pen.
    PH Salts down to lower.
  4. Salt levels - Maintain at 0.10 - .15%.  Check with Koi
    Salinity Meter.  Add salt of 1 pound per 100 gallons.
  5. Nitrites - want to be 0 PPM. Check with LaMotte Test
    Kit.  If high, perform 25% water change and add 5
    times recommended amount of Nitrifier and ensure
    salt levels are at least 0.1.  Salt levels 0f 0.1 should
    keep fish from getting nitrite poisoning.
  6. Phosphates - Want to be 0 PPM. Check with LaMotte
    Test Kit.  Baraclear  can be used to reduce
  7. Add  EZ-2 beneficial bacteria to bio filter.  Preventive
    maintenance for plantonic (green water) algae.  
    Improves the pond nitrification cycle by reducing
    ammonia and nitrites by breaking down organic waste
    materials. Dissolves over foods, waste matter and
    organic sludge.
  8. Add Ponds Plus Clarity-Max Plus.  Preventive
    maintenance for string algae and other types of algae
    that grow on rocks, plants and filters.  I use D-Solve to
    spot treat if necessary.
  9. Add Baking Soda to bio filter.  Buy at Kroger, Farmer
  10. At least a 10% water change.  25% when it is hot.

  1. Add Koi Zym - combat BAD bacteria.
  2. Add Nitrifier - Increases beneficial bacteria counts in
    colony.  Improves bacteria counts that convert
    ammonia to nitrite.  
  3. Treat with Water Clarifier.  Using ORP, I keep reading
    between 475 and 550 for at least two hours.  Combats
    Parasites and BAD Bacteria.  Only if necessary.  25%
    water change after Water Clarifier treatment.  Please
    call me if you want more information regarding the
    usage of water clarifier.  It is a great treatment to clean
    up free floating organic materials, green algae, and
    reduce bacteria's.   I will more  than glad to assist you
    with treatment.
  1. Add ProForm-C or Green Stuff.
  2. Fish Saver to combat parasites
  3. Baraclear to manage phosphates
  1. Add Barley straw pellets

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