Ponds Plus Pond in Clarkston
The Photos on this page are actual shots of our 10,000 gallon pond.  My wife and I
built the entire pond with the exception of digging the hole and placing the stones for
the waterfall.Our pond consists of the following:

  • Main pond that is about 7500 gallons.
  • Smaller upper pond is about 2500 gallons.
  • 30' stream
  • 5' waterfall
  • 300 gallon stock tank for bio filtration.
  • Settling tank
  • Two Large skimmers
  • One 7500 GPH pump for filters
  • One 4900 GPH for water fall
  • Liner
  • Air pump.
  • 30 Lilllie pads
  • 30 marginals (lizard tail, lotus, iris, parrots feather, grasses, etc...)
  • 20 KOI - 6" to 14" butterfly and standard
  • 2 Tin Foil Barbs
  • 1 South American Oscar
  • 1 African Cichlid
Click Here to view my pond
Lotus after 1" Hail storm
Oscar the Oscar
Stream connecting
filter and upper pond
Our Jack Russel
trying to entice Oscar
Plant Raft
Our Great Dane is a
great Heron decoy

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