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Autum/ Winter Pond
We carry pond supplies, koi, gold fish and aquatic plants.  Pond
supplies include algae treatments, bacteria, PH adjusters, salt,
barley, parasite control, liners, pumps and test kits.  Koi include
several sizes of standard and butteryfly.  Gold fish include
comets and calicos.  Aquatic plants include lily pads, marginals
and submerged plants.   You can either order on-line or come
and see us in Clarkston, Michigan
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Time for Fall - Added Pond Nets moved Aeration to shallow water,
treated with
Water Clarifier (Potassium Permanganate) for four days
increased the amount of
Biological Clarifier Beneficial Bacteria to
assist with decaying organics and
KoiZyme to keep bad bacteria from
Looking for Salt water, Tropical Fish and Supplies, visit my
brother at Reale's Reef in Shelby Township.  
He also has Dog Grooming.  
Phone: 586.532.776.
Address:  48887 Hayes, Shelby Township  
Need Assistance Installing Water Garden, Pond, Waterfall or Stream -
Please Contact Jesse Moyet at Aquarius WaterScapes
Ponds Plus
5542 Clarkston Road
Clarkston, Mi 48348

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